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Welcome to e-Excel the tool designed for everyone to do everything. We don’t just meet you half way but we fetch you where you are and enroll with you along the way…

What We Do

Online learning

We design, deploy and maintain e-learning software at affordable prices while delivering robust hosting services that goes beyond your imagination.

App development

Not everyone has laptops but 90% have cellphones and we accommodate this 90% with quality apps developed at our offices.


We are all about interactions, our communications services includes BULK SMS notifications/ Internet from wired, satellite to wireless (Wi-Fi)

Making things happen easier.


We dedicate our selves in making sure that the all our systems are performing at the highest level 24/7/365. With a guaranteed unlimited support we are keen to make it worth being online.


Never worry about how to? We have tutorials designed to elaborate everything you need to do. The tutorials are for students, teachers and administrators.

Intended output

Our systems are designed to make sure that they serve the purpose. Positive and intended outputs are our guarantees to all our clients, Imagine enrolling the whole academic without ever engage in physical presence.

Make Schooling More Simple.

Technology has changed the way we live, the way we interact and the way we think! Engaging your self with quality company matters not only for you but for an organization you work with or work for… That is why we are dedicated into delivering highest service.

Data management is what matters most, We deal with data day in and day out. We provide the best security for our servers.


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Designed with simplicity for everyone. Login, feel and interact whenever you want and wherever you are…